Nia Association

Services Nia Offers

*Community Based Day Services – Weekday services that enable individuals to participate in meaningful and productive activities in the community in order that they may develop relationships with others and family members.
*Respite Care – Support staff in times of emergency or desired vacation. Temporary lodging and care may be in the family home or in an agency home. Private pay is accepted.
*Family Model Residential Support – Nia Provides Adult and Senior Foster Care in Community Based and Family Based homes in Middle TN.
*Supported Living – Individualized 24-hour supports that enable people to live semi-independently in a home of their choosing. Assistance is
provided with daily living activities such as: bathing, dressing, meal preparation, household chores, budget management, medical appointment, and medication management. Nia will also accept private pay for these services.
*Professional Support Services – Tennessee State Department of Health approved vendor for Skilled Nursing Services.
*SENIOR CARE and DISABLED CARE – Nia is an Amerigroup Medicaid Provider. Qualified staff can provide Home-Based support services. This is an alternative for people living in their personal homes instead of Nursing homes or Assisted Living facilities.
*PROFESSIONAL NURSING SERVICES – Nia provides 12 hours of professional nursing for many of the individuals supported to ensure they receive premium medical attention.
*SEEKING FAMILY MODEL RESIDENTIAL PROVIDERS – Nia’s Family Model Residential Program is a terrific win-win for those needing supports, but want a family environment. It’s akin to Adult Foster Care. We want mature minded, possibly semi-retired individuals or couples who want to share their home. Perfect solution for those with SSI work restrictions, yet are still capable of providing care in the family home. Call for more information.
*Real Estate – Nia includes the real estate side of the business in its 24/7 direct support for individuals with disabilities.
*Construction and Development – Nia Management is experienced in ADA Housing for people with disabilities.
*Mergers and Acquisitions – Nia Executives and Board actively engage in Mergers to enhance Disability Housing and Community Development.

Civilian & Military Disability Supports Home & Community Personal Assistance
Financial & Logistical Management Services Personal or Community Based Home Respite Care
Affordable Temporary & Permanent Housing Employment Network Resources
Transportation Coordination Special Adapted Housing Coordination
Other Senior Care and Disabled Services

*Services Nia provides through TN DIDD waivers

Supported Living Behavior Analyst
Personal Assistance Nursing
Respite Behavior Respite

*Services through Manager Care Organization (MCO) Amerigroup

Behavior Analyst
Community Living Supports (CLS)

*In final stages of credentialing with MCO Bluecare

The Nia Advantage through quality training

services2Nia Association is a community-based disabilities health care organization that has been in the Clarksville-Montgomery County for since 1998. We believe education and training empowers staff with the necessary knowledge required by the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. This has enhanced employees’ self-esteem. They take pride in their roles and the services they provide. Below are two of many training modules.

Training – Open to the Community

Nia Association offers Clarksville-Montgomery County area residents affordable, informative, fun, economical and fully interactive American Red Cross CPR/First-Aid classes. We provide the mannequins, training kits and all other material required.
(This class/certification is free to staff and available to the community for a fee of $50.)

CPI (Non-Violent Physical Crisis Intervention)
CPI is an international, safe highly recognized behavior management course designed to help human service providers give the best possible care. The welfare of staff and persons supported is of utmost importance. CPI offers safety for staff and protection for assaultive and out of control individuals during their most violent moments. From a raised voice to a physical assault, all levels of intervention are addressed. This system has been proven to be beneficial without harm to the person supported or the worker. The Agency provides all teaching materials, certifications and re-certifications. The emphasis on this training program is on verbal intervention strategies and how to defuse behaviors before they become crisis situations. This Safety course is beneficial for anyone that will be involved in a crisis with children, teenagers or adults in the home or community when situations become uncontrollable. CPI empowers anyone to defuse situations before they become violent. If the crisis becomes violent the CPI course promotes non-violence behavior management. (This one day class is free to all staff, and is available for a $100 fee. Group rate is negotiable.)

Call 931-906-3993 to schedule either class

Personal Assistance and Respite Care

MVC-028SPersonal Assistance is for those living in their family home. Personal Assistance (PA) enables people to acquire, retain or improve skills necessary to participate in community activities, utilize community resources, acquire and maintain employment, and participate in retirement activities. Therapeutic goals and objectives are established by the person and their family. Personal assistance can consist of job exploration activities, volunteer work, and companionship with friends and peers, educational experiences, while maintaining family contacts. All purposeful activities and services are in an integrated community environment.

Respite Care is the type of support that is available on a temporary emergency basis for individuals with developmental disabilities during times when the family has a crisis or other demands preventing their usual care. Respite care may also be used when the family wants to take a vacation. Respite care may be used on an hourly, daily or weekly basis, and is usually for a specific purpose and time frame. It may be provided in the family home or outside the home in a community based residential home.

Community Participation

We provide weekday supports that enable individuals to participate in meaningful, enjoyable and productive activities in the community. They have relationships with friends and family members. Support is geared toward training in personal care, development of needed skills and preferred vocational activities.

Some of the activities include:

Supported Employment / Jobs Church Membership and Auxiliaries
YMCA Bowling
Clarksville Montgomery Count Museum tours Special Olympics participation
Community- Prayer Closet assistance Salvation Army assistance
Barbecues and Family Reunions Trips/Vacations to Walt Disney and other exciting locations
Fishing trips Dances

Supported Employment

services4Several dedicated individuals have worked in the community for in excess of 11 years. A job coach is provided to help ensure good performance and job stability.

Some businesses that have offered persons supported employment opportunities are:

Outback Steak House St John’s Prayer Closet
The Pinnacle Family Center L & C Shredding / Innovated Storage

Healthcare Management

The Nia Medical Department manages healthcare for all persons supported. Our Medical Department works with Physicians, Occupational Therapists, Dentists, and other medical professionals to ensure clients receive the best care. They advocate for all persons supported and their family / conservators.

Medical Department staff informs family members of all health related information.


TransportationNia provides transportation to and from community activities, social events, work sites, and appointments, etc.

All vehicles are well maintained, inspected for safety and receive regularly scheduled maintenance.